Land & Brush Clearing Services

Cedar Mulching


Mulch helps prevent soil erosion & can return nutrients

Mulching can be used as part of a Property Tax Exemption plan

Burn-bans and droughts do NOT affect our ability to mulch brush

Mulching does NOT leave upended rocks or root-holes

Environmentally Sound Brush Clearing

Cedar mulching or brush mulching can be utilized to clear underbrush, open up unusable acreage, establish shooting lanes, or adhere to a tax exemption plan. It’s applications also include clearing lot lines, road lanes, community areas, as well as right-of-ways (ROWs) for utility lines.

Cactus Creek GPS Mapping

GPS Mapping

Modern GPS mapping allows our tree mulchers to perform accurate work. We pride ourselves on our high attention to detail and our communication with our clients on every job.

Cactus Creek GPS Reporting

GPS Reporting

GPS reporting allows our clients the ability to see exactly where we’ve been and what we’re doing next which provides our customers with transparency throughout the mulching project.

Who We Serve

Private Landowners. For most Hill Country property owners, cedar trees are an unavoidable incident to owning land. Unfortunately, cedar grows fast and dense and absorbs a substantial amount of the water from rain and underground that would otherwise be available for more desirable vegetation and wildlife. Cactus Creek can help you remove that burden by mulching wide swaths of your property, or by taking a selective approach to preserve as much as you see fit.

Developers. Both private and commercial developers in the Hill County inevitably need to remove cedar to open up the property for new homesites, roads, and fence lines. With Cactus Creek’s fleet of both small skid-steer cedar mulchers and the larger Barko cedar mulchers, together with our hand-crews, we can efficiently solve these problems to keep your development progressing on time and under budget.

Right-Of-Ways (ROWs). Across the Hill Country, power grids and utility lines move energy products across and underneath property. Companies who build and maintain these lines require access to be able to do so, but often the land they cross is filled with cedar, brush, and oak trees. At Cactus Creek, we have the capability to clear the many miles required to ensure the right-of-way is easily accessible and stays that way.

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We’re a family-owned business located in Kerrville, TX and we service the greater Austin, San Antonio, and Hill Country regions. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve earned for our excellent customer service and our efficient, detailed work.

If you have questions about our cedar mulching and brush clearing services, visit our Contact page where you can fill out a form or find information to speak with us directly.